We take quality very, very seriously

We extend quality to all we do – from the way in which we answer the telephone, through to producing complex multi-tonne pressing.

We are ISO 9001-2015 accredited.

Quality objectives are set and revised at six monthly management reviews, to ensure that they are being continually achieved. Objectives will, if necessary be revised and modified to reflect the changing needs of the company and to meet the requirements of ISO 9001-2015.



Approved supplier to the Rail Industry

(Registration, Evaluation & Authorisation of Chemicals)

Vulco Spring and Presswork Company Limited confirms we are aware of the requirements and the implications of these regulations and are taking steps to ensure that we are compliant.

As a manufacturer and supplier of articles we are downstream users for all chemical substances and have determined that there will be no loss of continuity of supply to any of our customers.

(International Material Database System)

Upon request, Vulco Spring and Presswork Company Limited will submit customer’s products on to the IMDS system.